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X-Treme Sports Philippines is the one-stop for all adrenaline junkies, with a wide variety of exciting activities in Puerto Galera to keep visitors of all ages entertained all day long.





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Just simply send us an e-mail and we will be sending you a form once email is received.

Payments can be process thru bank deposit via BDO, PNB Savings Bank, Allied Savings Bank and Paypal, G-Cash and Credit Card Point of Sales.

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Mud Kart Off-Road Adventures!
ATV Off-Road Adventures!
Go Kart Racing!
Try the Sticky Wall - ZORB BALL and WATER ZORB coming soon!!
Paintball battles at "The Village"

If it’s motorsport action you’re after we’ve got 200cc street Go-Kart Racing for those with a need for speed and who like a bit of competition, as well as our Off Road Adventure Track, where you can put our ATVs or off-road Buggies through their paces, and get filthy in the proccess!

If you really want to get your heart pumping, our paintball course will not disappoint you! Bring a group of friends and enjoy a great jungle paintball battle!

Whether you come alone or in a group our friendly, easy-going staff are there to take care of you and ensure everyone has a day to remember at X-Treme Sports Philippines.

The best activities in Puerto Galera, proudly brought to you by Extreme Sports Philippines.

The long wait is over! The new attraction at Extreme Sports Philippines | Puerto Galera is OPEN to serve all your Zombie Killing Cravings! If you haven’t heard about it yet, check this one out!

We at Extreme Sports Philippines are really excited to give you our newest attraction, we call it the ZOMBIE LAND Crossbow & Airgun Range, this is going to be a Crossbow Range + Airgun Range with a life-size Zombie target.

This is inspired by AMC’s TV Series The Walking Dead character Daryl Dixon! Make sure to follow the 5th Season of this exciting series, it is getting more and more exciting and you can experience it first hand at Extreme Sports Philippines | Puerto Galera!


Killing Zombies All The Way!


Another addition to the Extreme Sports Philippines Family is the ARCHERY TAG! You can fight against your partner, wife/husband, brother/sister, friends, family and with anybody that is willing to have a battle with you on our Archery Tag field, this is a good way to exercise your brain and muscle because you have to think of a good strategy while running around the whole field.

We are opening on the 5th of March 2016. Please come and join us! This would be great!!!

Make sure to check the website and our facebook page from time to time for the latest updates about our community/family!

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Always take note that when you visit all the nice places in Puerto Galera, White Beach, Waterfalls, Hidden Paradise, don’t forget to come and visit us in Extreme Sports Puerto Galera we are the leader in sports entertainment in Puerto Galera. We make all our guests smile.

We provide FREE shuttle service between White Beach, Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera area and Extreme Sports Philippines Puerto Galera.

We are open daily from 9 AM – 6 PM and from March – June we are open from 9 AM – 9 PM


For bookings or enquiries by phone:

Globe Cellular: +63-(0)917-552-8114

Sun Cellular: +63(0)932 884 8790

October 6th guests! Archery tag! :)

October 5 & 6 guests. Thanks for coming! :)

Complete set of photos here.

Thanks October 7 – 9 guests hope you guys had a good time! :)

Complete set of photos here.

A short film at Extreme Sports Philippines | Puerto Galera. Mud Karts, Paintball and Archery Tag taken October 9, 2016.

Thanks October 12 guests for including us on your trip to Puerto Galera. :)

Complete set of photos here.

This is what happened!!! Paint lovers at Extreme Sports Philippines | Puerto Galera, September 30, 2016! :)

Maximus trying out the newly restored Off-road track with our new ATV. Come and enjoy our adventures at Extreme Sports Philippines | Puerto Galera!

Hope our October 1 guests enjoy our new ATV and Mud Karts! :) Thanks for coming!

Complete set of photos here.

#feelingblessed lol new ATV and Mud Karts sure had some fun!

Complete set of photos here.

October 4-6 guests! Thanks guys for coming! :)

Complete set of photos here.

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