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Zombieland Crossbow & Airgun Range


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Payments can be process thru bank deposit via BDO, PNB Savings Bank, Allied Savings Bank and Paypal, G-Cash and Credit Card Point of Sales.

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We at Extreme Sports Philippines | Puerto Galera are pleased to announce the OPENING of our new attraction and addition to the Extreme Sports Philippines Family.

Ladies and Gentlemen we are introducing the first ever ZOMBIELAND CROSSBOW & AIRGUN RANGE in the country, experience to be a Daryl Dixon in a Zombie Apocalypse environment with life size Zombie Targets once in your lifetime, kill your most hate Zombie guys and gals.

We are offering this new attraction to all the fans of The Walking Dead and for those who just enjoy shooting with either one of both: Crossbow and/or Airgun!

We are offering two options to kill your Zombies the first one is killing them with our Crossbow:

Zombieland Crossbow Range: Target shooting with a real crossbow & 8 arrows 549 php only.

Second would be killing them with our Airgun(s):

Zombieland Airgun Range: Target shooting with 10meters, 15meters, 20meters away target & 20 shots of lead pellets 549 php only

A20 A19 A18 A17 A16 A15 A14 A13 A12 A11 A10 A09 A08 a07 a06 a05 a04 a03 a02 a01

We are also selling some memorabillas, and you can buy some Zombie Targets if you want too. Don’t hesitate to ask our Staff for all the Merchandise that are available.

T-Shirts: 249 php only.

After all the Extreme Activities your whole day, we are offering FREE Shuttle Service for our guests from Extreme Sports Philippines | Puerto Galera to your Resort.

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